The Evil Eye / Carlos Rios’s guitar solo

This is a reference video for practicing Carlos Rios‘ solo from ‘The Evil Eye’, Gino Vanneli’s famous album, Brother to brother.

This is a very short, but a wonderful solo with a high degree of completeness.

‘The Evil Eye’ from Gino Vannelli’s ‘Brother to brother’

Later, I will upload the slow tempo version and tab notation.

Brother to brother

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2 Replies to “The Evil Eye / Carlos Rios’s guitar solo”

  1. Hi,

    Nice playing, first of all. I would really appreciate the tab for the outstanding Carlos Rios solo on The Evil Eye, if possible.

    Thanks in advance !!!

    1. Thanks Zolthan.
      I’m very sorry my late replying.
      I’ll make another movie with TAB near future.
      Could you please wait?

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