I caught a cold because of the sustainer of Fernandez

I noticed.

It is difficult to continue to write diaries even in Japanese, but it is impossible to write in difficult English for me.

Let’s do my best.

I got the guitar with ‘Sustainer‘ yesterday.

I intended to check the sound easily before going to bed, but I was interesting and enthusiastic for a couple of hours.
It wan in a cold room, my body was getting cold.

‘Sustainer’ is a device that artificially gets feedback sound.

I tried it before, but I had an impression that I do not know how to use, , It seemed like a toy for me before.

But this year, I listened to a wonderful performance that Mr. Steve Hacket using the ‘Sustainer’, I was interested again.  ( It is never the same twice/ Djabe With Steve Hackett & Gulli Briem)

I have some discontent, but this device can reproduce feedback like Santana on the DAW.

I am sick today, so swimming and Gym is off.

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